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Grands Comptes Gold Service


Gold first is a service dedicated to key accounts, institutional investors and professionals.

You will receive a personalised follow-up and personalised services.

A member of the Management will personally take care of your business and will manage your assets..

Gold Service offers all services related to the management of your precious metals:


  • Trading
    Special conditions and pricing in selling or purchasing your precious metals.
  • Investments
    Benefit from our business solutions for your investments.
    We offer different opportunities to invest your money in precious metals.
    Contact us to find out about our solutions.
  • Shipping
    Your precious metals are shipped with our partner, Bianchi Group, specialising in valuable shipping around the world.
  • Insurance
    We insure your assets during shipping and storage. Your assets are thus 100% secure.
    You are also guaranteed that your assets are allocated to you, covering you against any bankruptcy risks.
  • Storage
    Our vaults are secure and insured as per the Swiss standards. They are accessible upon request.
    To guarantee a segregated storage, you'll get a compartment under your name. Click here for more information.
  • Expertise
    We have made our know-how and our experience available to you since 1895, for any expertise or valuation of your assets. Contact us for a personal advice.
  • Innovation
    New opportunities in the metal trading business. Rare metals!
    A demand guaranteed by the technological developments, these metals are a strategic resource for governments and the “tech” economy.
    Our expert in rare metals will give you more details about this investment opportunity.


Do not hesitate to contact us, a member of the management will personally guide you.


Grands comptes Gold Service - Service dédié