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Gold Service assists you in every step of all your transactions and provides advice on your investment options. Thanks to our experience and our expertise, we guarantee a quality, dynamic, reliable and efficient service. Our advice and analyses are all provided free of charge.

  • Swiss quality.
    Reliability, accuracy and expertise have always been our values passed on to our customers, guaranteeing high quality services and products.
  • Ethics.
    We guarantee that all of our products come from smelters and suppliers who hold all the necessary certifications, guaranteeing flawless moral ethics.
  • Transparency and discretion.
    We comply with the current legislation and standards.
    Gold Service is governed by the AMLA (anti-money laundering Act) and is a member of ARIF (French-Swiss Association of Financial Intermediaries).
    Your personal data remain confidential and no personal information is sent to a third party.

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